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About Us

Our Vision
Asylum seekers and refugees who seek Australia’s protection are able to live their lives with dignity, security, family unity and freedom.

Our Organisation
RACS is the pre-eminent and longest running Refugee Community Legal Centre in NSW. Over 26 years, RACS has established a solid reputation as the leading provider of free, expert legal services to asylum seekers & refugees. RACS strives to ensure that individuals and families at risk of persecution gain access to equal and fair representation before the law so they may be granted due protection in accordance with Australia’s international obligations.

Our Clients
RACS clients come from a broad range of cultures, originating from over 65 different countries. Despite their diversity, the majority of the people we assist share a common fear of persecution, which they have fled from after being subjected to torment, torture and trauma. The people we help are quite simply the most ordinary of people. They come from every walk of life. They call on RACS to be their voice as they ask Australia to extend to them protection and safety.

Our Work
The successful outcomes achieved by RACS are due in large part to the sensitivity with which our lawyers treat the needs of the people who come to us for help, supporting them through the difficult and often harrowing process of articulating the stories and fears that drove them to flee from their homeland. RACS provides access to legal services both to asylum seekers in the community and immigration detention. Through individual advice sessions, community education and public advocacy, RACS assists asylum seekers who would otherwise be left to navigate the legal complexities of applying for Australia’s protection on their own.

How We Use Our Funds
- Casework Service - Protection Visa Applications
- Villawood Outreach Application Assistance
- Telephone Advice
- Face-to-face Legal Advice
- Evening Advice Clinic
- Legal Help for Refugees Clinic
- Legal Help for Unaccompanied Children
- Family Reunion Advice & Assistance